Catahoula Leopard Dog in Arizona for adoption or virtual adoption

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Bruno View profile Bruno
Bruno has a goofy playful side. He loves to play fetch and go wading in his pool. He also has a protective nature. He arrived at the rescue with his best friend Clancy, who is also for adoption. Preference would be given to homes offering to adopt both.
Dechen Zangmo View profile Dechen Zangmo
Dechen is friendly with humans and dogs. Loves human company especially to haveher belly rubbed. She can be food aggressive with other dogs but responds well to human corrections.   
Luke View profile Luke
Lily and Luke came from the euthanasia list at the county shelter because they were scared. Luke had a broken leg at some point in his life and he didn't receive medical treatment, now he has a limp and a very crooked foot. The leg doesn't seem to hurt, but since it isn't straight he walks with a limp. I can't believe the pain this poor fellow must have had to endure. These young kids were turned in because the owner could no longer afford them. Their previous owner did not treat them very well.
Luna View profile Luna
Luna is scared. She is warming up, but Luna has not had a good life. Luna is 3 years old and came from Apache Junction Animal Control. She is a beautiful blue merle and she may have some lab in her. She was left in a back yard, the owner moved and then called Animal Control to let the them know the dogs were left alone! Luna gets along with other dogs, children, although a toddler may scare her. She is good around other animals. Luna needs a home where her family will give her time to feel safe.
Dallas View profile Dallas
Hi, my name is Dallas. The saying, "Being at the right place at the right time" sure does apply in my case! A year ago, a wonderful TALGV volunteer convinced animal control officers to release my puppies and me to her with the promise that she'd make sure we all found good homes. Well, they've done that for my kids, and now it's way past MY turn to find my own special place in the world. I am a lovely, brindle Catahoula/Boxer mix lady, about 3-4 years old, and have very distinctive eyes (one blu
Cinnamon View profile Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a gorgeous senior Catahoula. Cinnamon came from the Maricopa County euthanasia list. She is happy and social and glad to be out of the shelter. Cinnamon may be 10 years old. but she doesn't show it. She is playful, loves her play pool and doesn't have any health issues. She gets along with other dogs and will make a great family pet! Please come meet this marvelous pooch! 602 316 8919
Adele Blue View profile Adele Blue
This incredibly cute puppy is Adele Blue. She is a Catahoula/Australian Shepherd Mix. Adele Blue is DEAF and has vision impairment in her right eye She is a free spirit, loving all other dogs and people too. She is learning her puppy manners and working on doggie door training. Adele is a typical herding can catch her stalking...and walking like a cat on the prowl. Absolutely a hoot! Nothing holds her back.  She recently had her first swim lesson and she loved everyminute of it.  She i
Calvin View profile Calvin
Calvin is 1 1/2 yrs, likes to play with toys & chew bones. He also loves to play with other dogs. He is a little shy when meeting new people but is good with everyone. He has been around horses, loves going riding. He knows sit, is good on a leash, knows a doggie door, housebroken & crate trained.   ****** If you are interested in adopting a dog from Aussie and Friends Rescue, please visit our website: Download an adoption application under the 'Adoption Proc
Colton View profile Colton
Hi, My name is Colton.  I am a high energy boy and would love to have a family with another canine friend to keep me company and play with me a lot!  I love to run and hop around and sometimes I like to bark too.  I'm six months old and ready for my home.  Are you ready for me?
Chance-updated! View profile Chance-updated!
Chance Catahoula mixChance is just over a year old and is a very sweet and patient guy. He lives with four other dogs and two cats. He is interested in the cats but has never attempted to hurt them; he does try to play with them though. He is good with other dogs as he gets plenty of practice with that many foster siblings. He is kid approved; he lives with a toddler that tests his limits a lot. He is always patient and loving with children as they learn how to be gentle.Chance is a young dog an