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SAWYER View profile SAWYER
Sawyer is a  2  1/2  yr old mystery mix (mastiff / boxer / shepherd ) who weighs approx 65 lbs. He was a stray @ the Alameda shelter where he was much beloved but as too often happens his time ran out but they REALLY believed in him so they didn't give up and the staff reached out to rescue on his behalf.Sawyer is a really good guy!  He is affectionate and friendly with people and enjoys meeting new friends.He loves going to the dog park to play frisbie or chase ball. He brings the frisbie back!
KAZ View profile KAZ
KAZ is a funny little guy guesstimating 3-4 yrs. possibly Border Terr / Chi hua x, only 9 lbs, KAZbut he makes up for it w/a very sweet personality. He is skittish @ first BUT once he trusts you it's incredibly rewarding. He will run away from you during the day but then you'll wake up to find him in your lap @ night! He is among the countless of chi hua strays we are gedtting called about and we have run out of room so please consider opening your hearts and homes to one of them. You won't regr
NIKKI View profile NIKKI
Nikkie: A 1 1/2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, approx 40 lbs, she is mainly white with some tan markings, spayed, m/chipped etc. She came from a SF shelter where she was a favorite. Nikkie is so sweet and loving and so patient. She loves her toys, plays ball and brings it back to you. Loves her walks/hikes and (with a Sensation Collar, easy on leash). She is crate trained and house trained. She is good in a car. She would love a family situation with children 10 years or up in age. Nikkie
2 PUPPIES View profile 2 PUPPIES
2 boy puppies.......5 months old They come from a litter of 5 puppies born before Thxgiving.....there were 3 girls and 2 boys ....some look more Cocker Spaniel and the others look more like terriers. We know the family and who the parents are! The father is a Cock-a-poo and the mother is a Yorkie X .....but the puppies don't really look like either one...they are very much a mix! They are still not very socialized and don't know what a leash is so will need socialization as soon as possible! But
Arabella View profile Arabella
Miss Arabella is definitely a friendly, sweet and gentle soul. She would make someone a wonderful 'soul' mate and constant companion and lap dog! She is the epitome of unconditional love. She is soft, sensitive, submissive, soft captivating eyes, relaxed for all handling, can be shy at first with strangers and selective about doggie friends! Arabella is a 3 year old female, spayed Pit bull mix weighing about 50 lbs.
Litsa View profile Litsa
Litsa and Tiger were a family (they had at least a couple of litters until we managed to work w/the family to get everyone spayed/neutured). All were unfortunately backyard dogs in Antioch. In spite of being neglected, they have the friendliest temperaments @ would always greet us w/the warmest of welcomes and were never territorial. Litsa (6 1/2 yrs)has been in a very good foster home and it must be a relief for her after years of being a backyard dog and at least a couple of litters. They find
DINGO View profile DINGO
Dingo is a 2 years of age pit bull-mix. He is mellow indoors and is trained not to jump on furniture. He loves to take walks and keep the pace of his owner. He also knows how to pull people on a skate board or roller skates. He knows tricks like, how to sit and shake paws. He is Kennel Trained but can use a refresher. He has experience being around children 5 and up. He loves to have toys but only likes to share them with his owners. He is potty-trained to go to the door when he feels the urge.
ROMPER (approx 55 lbs) appox 3 yrs old He was still young when he was rescued from the shelter because he was not kenneling well but once he was freed he has done quite well. He lost his home when he was a still a puppy because he was destructive but wait....was that his fault OR theirs? If people can't handle destructiveness then they shouldn't get a puppy! He has now matured into a well mannered adultGOOD THINGS Nice medium, slender size , Crate-trained,  House-broken if theres a do g door!  V
JULIE View profile JULIE
Julie is in a rescue home in Antioch w/Pattie: #925-848-6270....Profile coming!
PUFF View profile PUFF
PUFF is a 2 yr old petite pitbull w/beautiful colors  (45 lbs)He and his sister were abandoned out on Mare Island in Vallejo in the Industrial Area.  They were found by a patrol officer who didn't want to see them go to a shelter.  She was adopted but this poor guy is still waiting patiently for his forever homeGOOD THINGSPuff is a total mama's boy (hes a TOTAL luv bug:  loves kissese and hugs)He lives well w/other dogs (both male & female) Does well in the car Crate trainedNon-destructive (won'