Cats in Windham Connecticut for adoption or virtual adoption

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Monique View profile Monique
HIGHLY ADOPTABLE! Like a boy named Sue, Monique is a BOY living with a girl's name! (It's sooo wrong!) He is one of the most entertaining and playful cats at our sanctuary, and even though he's a senior citizen, he acts as if he's still a kitten. Monique adores socializing with his cat friends, but he's also perfectly capable of entertaining himself. He has a distinguished persona, unless of course he's receiving affection; then the grin on his face is undeniable. Monique wants a home of his o
Zinnia View profile Zinnia
When a good Samaritan spotted Zinnia, she and her kittens were being stalked by fox. Passion 4 Paws conducted a laborious all night stake-out to catch Zinnia and her kittens before the fox could, and our efforts prevailed! Zinnia's kittens have all been adopted, but Zinnia is still with us. She enjoys being petted, but can be somewhat coy at times. She loves her other catmates (especially her best buds Janie, Myra, and Sister Minkie). She will huddle with them for her own comfort and security,
Missy View profile Missy
Missy is 14 years old (as of Feb 2012). She is a very gentle cat with extremely soft fur. It's so soft it feels like rabbits fur. Missy loves her animal friends, and she's very sweet and vocal with people. She loves to talk a lot! Missy would be a nice addition to a quiet home. (Quiet meaning not active, not quiet as in no noise.) If you are looking for a new best friend to share a little gossip over a cup of coffee and some cat nip, Missy would be purr-fect. And she can keep a secret! Aside fro
Billy View profile Billy
Billy is 4 years old (as of Feb. 2013). He has a beautiful tuxedo coat and big, expressive eyes. Billy loves other cats (doesn't mind dogs as long as they don't chase him) and enjoys gentle petting from his humans. While still in early stages of his socialization, Billy's improvement has been constant. He's shy, but once he knows someone, he's comfortable with them. We know he'll become a loving a dedicated companion to some very lucky person. Billy will do well in a non-demanding, quiet hom
Juna View profile Juna
Juna is approximately 5 years old (as of Feb. 2012). She was living in a colony of friendly cats out in the woods, under rock piles and old fences. We successfully trapped all of the cats including Juna and her 2 days old kittens. Her babies have all been adopted, but very shy Juna is still waiting for her forever home. She needs a patient, gentle home to make her feel secure and loved. As you can see in the photo, Juna is a stunning silver-blue color, and she loves other cats. She would be very
Harriet View profile Harriet
Harriet is a gentle, delicate senior citizen. All she wants to do is rest on her chair in a little spot of sunshine. She gets along fine with other cats and dogs, but because of her age, she needs a quiet home. We love Harriet so much. Won't you please give her a home to call her own for whatever time she has left? She enjoys watching TV and reading with her person. She will make a good companion to someone who doesn't want a high-activity cat. To submit an application to adopt Harriet, please v
Clyde View profile Clyde
Clyde is approximately 8 years old (as of May 2012). He is a shy cat who would prefer a quiet home and the company of other feline companion. He is good buddies with Dahlia (seen with Clyde in photo #2). Clyde and Dahlia would love to be adopted together because they already hang out together at the shelter. Clyde is a sweet cat and in good health. Special Note: Clyde had to have emergency surgery in Aug. 2012 because he had an intestinal blockage. The vet says is fine and will make a full re
Lulu View profile Lulu
Lulu is a gorgeous grey and white with a smidge of orange on her head. She is very shy and needs the right person to work with her to make her comfortable, but she is very sweet once she is.
Muffin View profile Muffin
adorable , shy and affectionate
Moxie View profile Moxie
No description available.