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Marvin View profile Marvin
What a cutie! Marvin is a 2-3 yr old 17 lb terrier mix. He is wiry haired white with light tan spots and such an adorable little face with an underbite.He gets along with  other dogs .He has has gotten dogs to play with him that never play or interact with other dogs.He would be great for someone who has  a dog that is inactive or maybe depressed over losing the other dog in the household.He has even gotten some of the older dogs here to play.Marvin also enjoys going for walks, does great on a l
Bradford FOSTERED (Lori R) View profile Bradford FOSTERED (Lori R)
08/12/12 Meet Bradford!  This cute little guy is guessed to be a 4 month old westie, maybe schnauzer mix.  This is from his foster mom:  "A little information I have learned about Bradford since I picked him up on Thursday, is he is very shy, but sweet.  He loves all people, men, women, and childrens.  He get  along with the cat although he does like to bark at her and chase her when he can.  The cat is definitely the boss though.  He g
Lucy View profile Lucy
Lucy was adopted this past week and is coming back as they are unable to keep her from going hrough the width of their black iron fencing. If interested in Lil Ms Lucy, please keep this in mind, as well...Meet lil Ms Lucy, a 10 month old Westie/Maltese mix. Lucy was adopted by a young College student over the summer, yet less than 2 months ago, with hopes her grandmother would take her when she returned to school this past weekend. No, not the case at all. Gramma's not a dog person. So poor lil
Charlie View profile Charlie
Charlie came into rescue with a low thyroid. He's on a medication that is only pennies per pill, taking one pill in the morning and half a pill at night with cream cheese which Charlie thinks is just the yummiest. Charlie would love to have an older family to love and be their protector and their best friend. Charlie eats a grain free kibble and treats.  He enjoys a medicated shampoo at least once a week to once every two weeks to keep him nice and clean.  Charlie is house trained.Charlie is a w
JackFrost View profile JackFrost
There's no one nipping at your toes here! Only JackFrost, this fantastic, adorable shih tzu/ westie! JackFrost is an adult, male shih tzu mix who was an owner drop off at the Chicago Animal Care and Control. He was left with his friend, Chestnut, but not much is known about him. Out of the two of them, he was the one most damaged. This poor guy came in with over two pounds of matted hair that left him with his ears stuck to his body. His matting was so scary that hardened volunteers cried at the
Petunia View profile Petunia
Are you as special as we are? If so, this is your lucky day! Here is your chance to adopt a very special dog. Petunia is not just an ordinary dog. Life has given her special gifts along with the strength & ability to overcome them. Petunia was born blind. This doesn't seem to bother her and she gets around quite well once she learns her environment.  If you have a quiet home environment and are looking to add a quiet, loving and deserving girl to your household please contact Paws!  Petunia is a
Shaggy View profile Shaggy
E-mail Kathy at if you would like to learn more about me.My name is Shaggy and I am a male 8 year old Westie mix. I came up from MO to find a home but once I got here the Elves at Casey's discovered that I have special needs. I am the cutest, calmest, sweetest boy so don't let my special needs scare you. You see I am Diabetic. I need 2 shots of insulin per day. I understand that humans often have this condition too! I am hoping someone who understands my needs sees this post
Crystal View profile Crystal
Crystal is an 7 month old female West Highland Terrier/ Powder Puff Chinese Crested mix. She is weighs about eight pounds. Her foster mom told us this about her: "She is definitely a lap dog and she'll sit calmly anywhere you place her. Crystal seems to be a little nervous around other dogs, but is never aggressive, just timid. I think she would be fine after warming up to other dogs! She's really calm and she makes me think she is an old soul." Crystal is house trained and does great in a crate
Sid the Streaker View profile Sid the Streaker
No, this is NOT a Chinese Crested... THIS is a Westie.  Sid is a beautiful boy who has lived in a very bad place.  The police actually saved him and when they arrived - poor Sid was very sick! His ears were closed shut with infection and his hair had all fallen off due to a bacterial infection and flea infestation.  Right now, he is all healthy and we are just waiting for his hair to start growing back. Sid is truly a wonderful little guy who doesn't let his past mess up his future.  He is happy
BoBo View profile BoBo
Mr. Bobo is quite a quirky little fellow (said to be a Wire Haired Dachshund mix by his original owners)...ready for an active person/family to enjoy his playfulness and energy. This pup is the life of his foster home, keeping everyone on their toes and ready for action! He loves, loves, loves to play with any dog who will enjoy him-he especially loves tug of war when he can drag the other dog around the room. Bobo is still growing through the puppy stage, but is crate trained and listens well w