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(Ms.) Tux - Single or Bonded with Diamond View profile (Ms.) Tux - Single or Bonded with Diamond
Ms. Tux is adventurous and playful, but also likes to be held.  Tux does seem a bit wary of the dogs at the shelter, so might do best in a cat-only home or one where canine family member(s) are low-key. ...In fact, up until recently, she was housed with her mom, Diamond, who has just found her forever would probably love another feline companion.Please set up an appointment to come by the shelter to see if Ms. Tux would be a good fit for your family. ---------------------------------
Stormy View profile Stormy
UPDATE: Stormy came to the shelter looking as though she was blown about by life -- on the thin side and matted. Now she has a silky coat and ready to be treated like the princess she believes she is.Stormy is a grown-up gal who is calm yet loves attention. If you want a quiet and loving companion, she is the cat for you.As with any rescue animal, Stormy will pay back your kindness many times over.  Please schedule an appointment to come meet her to see if she might be a good addition to your ho
Elbert View profile Elbert
Elbert is not a shy guy.  In fact, it was very difficult to get a picture of him that didn't include someone's feet!  He went from one person to the next, throwing himself at anyone in the vicinity for attention. ;-)Are you looking for a cuddly addition to your family?  If so, please schedule an appointment to come by the shelter and meet Elbert!--Adoption fee: $90 which includes a basic vet check + a rabies and distemper shot and helps to off-set the cost of the animal's care/housing while with
Blackie (with some Brownie!) View profile Blackie (with some Brownie!)
Much like Smokey, Blackie arrived at the shelter a very shy girl.  She hasn't yet had the benefit of a foster family to bring her out of her shell, but is hoping to find a quiet home with understanding people who will give her the time to adjust to new surroundings. We're unsure whether or not her shyness is personality, or simply fear of the dogs housed in close-quarters here at the shelter.  She'd probably prefer a home without canine companions and certainly might not take to the energy of li
Birch View profile Birch
Birch continues to come right up to the front of his kennel (throwing himself at you really!!) the entire time that you are visiting.  In fact, visiting with other cats nearby often results in a paw getting shot out in your direction. Not a shy guy, he'd likely fit well in any home and may even do okay with a canine companion.If you're interested in seeing if Birch would make a good addition to your family, please set up an appointment to come meet him.--Adoption fee: $90 which includes a basic
Reese - Double-pawed KITTEN! View profile Reese - Double-pawed KITTEN!
How adorable am I?  Let me count the ways on my double-pawed front feet!Reese is cute as can be, but she isn't the adventurous and out-going kitten that most would expect.  She needs time to warm up to people, and is taking time to get use to handling after being on her own for too long.She'll need a patient owner, and preferably a home with slightly older children who will understand that she needs to be coaxed out of her shell.If you can't resist this fuzzy little girl, please make an appointm
Diego View profile Diego
GIVE US A HUG!  It's clear from his main photograph that Diego, like most Springer Spaniels, loves his human companions.  In fact, while at the shelter, he's exhibited some signs of being protective of his walkers (mostly barking) toward other dogs and approaching people.  He'll bond quickly with his new family and would prefer to be an only pet.A high-energy guy, he'll need plenty of exercise and things to keep him occupied during the workday; and, due to his exuberance (and despite his mature
(Lefty) Lucy View profile (Lefty) Lucy
"The volunteers at the shelter are just lucky that I have a good sense of humor -- lefty Lucy, righty...."Yes, you guessed it, Lucy has just one eye (her right), but that doesn't stop her from doing much other than missing those pesky mice who play in her peripheral vision.  Pictured here with her pink bear, Lucy is reclining after exerting herself by eating her lunch -- comically dragging one piece out of the bowl with her paw at a time!!!Friendly as can be, Lucy would love to make your home he
Fiona a.k.a. Fluffy View profile Fiona a.k.a. Fluffy
Fiona (unlike her name which means 'white or fair' in Gaelic) is a real black beauty with hints of rust and white running through her coat.  Friendly, she seems a bit shy at the shelter -- perhaps because of the proximity of the dog runs here at our small facility.  She'd likely do best in a home with other cats or as an only pet...and hopes that home might be yours.Please stop by the shelter to visit Fiona and consider making her a member of your family.----Adoption fee: $90 for a basic vet che
Sunny View profile Sunny
UPDATED:  When Sunny (a.k.a. Stripe or Simba) first came to the shelter we had him pegged as a shy guy -- wide eyed and tentative.  Now he allows volunteers to hold him and also enjoys a good stuffed mouse stalk when let out of his kennel to explore.  It's possible that the proximity of dogs at the shelter when he'd first arrived was what was making him withdrawn and a bit it's best that he go to a home without canine companions.  We hope that Stripe will find a new home soon so that